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Autoclaved cellular concrete stairs


Autoclaved cellular concrete stairs

The staircase, consisting of reinforced aerated concrete elements, has individual dimensions and depends on the dimensions of the future staircase. Individual steps are inserted into the recesses in the walls of the staircase or installed on a persistent bowstring. The bearing depth is at least 50 mm.
The steps fit into the volume of the staircase. The staircase is extended with the construction of the floor and is immediately ready for use. The staircase can be completed later in the existing volume of the stairwells.
With the help of various types of steps, stairs of any shape can be built, both with straight and spiral staircases.
The steps can be covered with any conventional coating (wood, natural stone, ceramic tiles, etc.).

Compression strength classes

Item brand Length L, mm Height H, mm Width B, mm Volume, m3 Weight, kg
ЛС110.30.15-6-3,5 1100 150 300 0.050 35
ЛС110.30.18-6-3,5 1100 175 300 0.058 41
ЛС110.34.15-6-3,5 1100 150 335 0.055 39
ЛС110.34.18-6-3,5 1100 175 335 0.064 45.5
ЛС110.38.15-6-3,5 1100 150 375 0.062 43.4
ЛС110.38.18-6-3,5 1100 175 375 0.072 50.4

Example of designation of a ladder step LS110.30.18-6-3,5 STB 1330-2002

Steps are made of aerated concrete of average density D700 and a class on compressive strength B 3,5




digital designation of the nominal length of the step, cm (1100 mm)


numerical designation of nominal width, cm (300 mm)


numerical designation of the nominal height of the step, the value of which is rounded to an integer cm (175 mm)


design load, kPa


concrete compressive strength class (B 3.5)