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Dry mortars


Adhesive cement for gas silicate blocks

is used in the construction of buildings from gas silicate blocks and concrete ceiling panels. In addition to laying gas silicate, this mixture can also be used to level surfaces, taking into account the width of the layer.

It should not exceed 5 millimeters. This mixture consists of mineral binders (cement), mineral filler (sand) and special additives – modifiers.

Types of adhesive cement for gas silicate blocks

These 2 types are highly moisture resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Summer adhesive cement.

If construction is planned for the warm season, then this adhesive cement will be enough.

Winter adhesive cement.

The peculiarity of winter adhesive cement is in a special anti-frost additive, which allows you to work at low temperatures (up to -10 degrees).

In order to prepare adhesive cement, mix in a container a certain amount of adhesive cement and water at the rate of 140-150 ml of water per 1 kg of the mixture. Gradually add all the ingredients to the container and with the use of a drill-mixer, achieve an even consistency.

After that, let the mixture stay for 5 minutes and then stir again. Keep in mind that even winter adhesive cement must be mixed in a warm room. The mixture should have a thick "creamy" consistency at the end.

Advantages of adhesive cement

Despite the fact that the cost of adhesive cement is higher than the cost of ordinary cement, its use is more profitable. The consumption of adhesive cement is several times lower due to its increased efficiency.
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Masonry evenness
«Zabudova» offers blocks with exceptionally perfect geometry. The use of adhesive cenet for laying such blocks ensures the maximum possible evenness of the wall or other structure.
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Thanks to the use of adhesive cement, it is possible to achieve small joints, which ensures the solidity of the final structure.
No contraction
Adhesive cement for gas silicate blocks does not shrink.
No need for huge amounts of water
Only 140–150 ml of water is needed per kilogram of adhesive cement. In the case of cement, the proportion is approximately 1: 1. Because of the fact that aerated concrete tends to absorb moisture, it’s not a good idea to use cement mixture.
Thermal insulation properties
The layer of cement mixture is often called "a cold bridge", which is associated with the high thermal conductivity of the material. The use of adhesive cement allows you to avoid the formation of such "bridges" and thereby reduce heat loss.

The following nomenclature of dry building materials:

  • Plaster for outdoor and indoor use;
  • Putty;
  • Self-leveling mixtures for self-leveling floors;
  • Adhesives for facing works;
  • Mixes for masonry work (jointing, assembly, repair, glue);
  • Mixes for laying bricks, blocks, waterproofing works, thermal rehabilitation.

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