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Trough blocks and through lintels


Autoclaved cellular concrete

are building structural elements, which are used to cover various embrasure in the walls. They take the load from the structure above and evenly redistribute it to the walls and piers.

Through lintels are often used for arranging window and door openings. As a rule, these are gas silicate blocks with U-shaped holes cut into them, which are subsequently filled with reinforced concrete.

Example of trough blocks designation

The bar bulkheads are made of aerated concrete of the average density grade D 700 and the compressive strength class B 3.5. Concrete grade for frost resistance - not less than F 35.

Lintels with a width of 100, 125, 150, 175 mm are intended only for use in non-bearing walls and partitions with a thickness of 100, 125, 150, 175 mm made of cellular blocks

The mass of bar lintels is indicated in a completely dry state, taking into account the weight of the reinforcement products. Vacation humidity not more than 35%

Shrinkage when concrete dries to constant weight should not exceed 0.5 mm / m.

The thermal conductivity coefficient should not exceed -0.18 W / (mos).


bar lintel


numerical designation of the nominal length of the web in cm, the value to be rounded to the nearest whole number


numerical designation of the nominal lintel width in cm


numerical designation of the design load on the lintel in kN / m


digital designation of the design class of concrete in terms of compressive strength (V 3.5)


cellular concrete

Advantages of gas silicate blocks

Affordable price
Gas silicate blocks are much cheaper than bricks, but provide the final construction of high performance.
Convenience and speed of installation.
Easily amenable to chipping or milling, which is important when performing internal laying of electrical cables or arranging hidden piping.
Fire safety
Gas silicate blocks are non-combustible building materials, which means that there will be no fires.
High sound insulation properties
Gas silicate blocks effectively absorb sounds, therefore they provide buildings with acoustic comfort.
Thermal insulation qualities
Due to the porous structure of the material, "cold bridges" are not formed in the wall structures of the house, therefore additional thermal insulation is not required.
Environmental friendliness
This material is made of natural raw materials: cement, sand, water. For this reason, it is considered completely environmentally friendly.

Unloading of trough gas siliсate blocks from the storage warehouse only at 16-00.